Addressing Teachers


I’m involved in a European project called Erasmus Plus and for this reason, in November I hosted a girl from Sweden.  I noticed that the relation of students with their teachers was deeply different from ours.  They hugged each other and spoke with them as if with parents.

Why did they behave in such a way?

  1. they are all relatives
  2. students think that teachers are not so important
  3. students think that behaving in this way, they can learn more at school
  4. students live in a less formal society compared to the old days


  1. this is not a possible answer. Relatives shouldn’t teach other relatives in a public school. It is so in Italy.
  2. unlikely –  students can’t think that.  It would be lack of respect.
  3. maybe – a friendly attitude facilitates learning.
  4. true enough.  An informal climate improves the quality of personal relations.

Learning Point

I learned that in Spain and in Sweden, students call  their teachers by first name and that it doesn’t mean that they don’t respect them. On the contrary, the friendly attidute creates a  better understanding.