Chilling out in Safety at Night.


Catania is a big city.  It is sometimes chaotic  and a little dangerous for teenagers like me who want to enjoy their  time even at night.  For this reason we always go out in a group.

The anecdote  I’m going to tell you about refers to what happened one evening, during  my  Erasmus+ project exchange. I was hosting a Swedish partner and that night my friends and their partners, my partner and me decided to have a couple of hours of fun and to have some food at a pizza place.  For this reason we went to piazza Teatro Massimo.  This is a fancy and cool square in my city, always full of life, young and less young people crowd it all times due to the fact that little restaurants and pubs can offer you good entertainment.  Moreover, while the square is well illuminated, highlighting the artistic beauty of the Theater, the narrow by-ways are not as much.

The Swedish girl I was hosting didn’t know  Italian and that night didn’t even have any Internet connection.  At a certain moment, the girl suddenly disappeared from my sight, leaving me in a state of total anxiety.

 Then just like magic, I spotted her again in a not well-lit street nearby.  I found her calmly chatting with her friends who were in the same square, chilling out just like all of us regardless of the condition she had left me in.

Why did she behave so unreasonably?

  1. Perhaps she didn’t get on well with me and found the right moment to separate!
  2. She lives in a bigger city so she thought that everything was under her total control.
  3. Maybe she wanted to stay with her Swedish friends since they were in the vicinity!
  4. She is a very independent person and needs her space in any moment of her life!


  1. Well, I would exclude this answer. Although we had silent moments, we respected each other and never argued.
  2. If she lived in a big city this would be a good answer but it was not her case.
  3. This answer seems appropriate since speaking your mother tongue with friends gives you self assurance .
  4. This, could also be a good pick but if you want to get the best from an exchange program you should stay with people of different culture.

The lesson I learned from this story is that to be always with your friends and feel completely at ease, sometimes  lets you forget about the dangers you could face in an unknown environment.

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