Who needs a Hair dryer?

I took part in an Erasmus project in November and I hosted a Swedish girl for a whole week.  One evening she had a shower and steadfastly I offered her the hair dryer. To my great surprise she replied she was going to leave her hair wet.  I thought it was a bit unwise since if I don’t dry my hair I get a headache.


Why didn’t she dry her hair?

  1. Because she is an ecologist and she thinks that using a hair dryer would pollute.
  2. Because she felt hot and the wet hair gave her some refresh.
  3. Because she was too tired to do it.
  4. Because she never does it in her country.


  1. the first option is false. I talked to her and she told me she isn’t so fussy about ecology.
  2. the second option can’t be true because in November it isn’t hot.
  3. the third choice may be true because we had full days working and we got tired.
  4. this fourth option seems the most credible according to what I know of her and her culture.  Also no other Swedish guys dried their hair.


I have  thought about the reason why they never dry their hair and I have come to the conclusion that it can be related to the fact of their being  shrewd .