Giusy Galvagno

I think that all the experience has been organized very well.


At Nyvångskolan, Lunds Kommun Lea and I followed Anders, a teacher of Maths. He was the teacher we had to shadow. During his lessons, he used to give us the textbook so we were able to follow the explanations and make the differences between Italian and Swedish textbooks. One of the main differences between Swedish textbooks and ours is that Maths is more applied to real life.

I appreciated very much the idea of attending the lessons of a class for an entire day. We followed for the whole day some pupils, our guardian angels. We changed the classes with them according to their time-table. We had also  lunch together. They explained what we asked them and helped us to enter into their world.


During the lessons, and in particular while the students worked together, it was very interesting talking with the teachers of the class and having talks with them about the differences between our educational system and the Swedish one.

The organization of the school is really good! Pupils change classes in relation to the lesson that they have to attend. Most of the teachers have their own classrooms, where they have all the things they need for the lesson organization. Sometimes, pupils of the same class attend different Maths courses depending on their skills. Then it is easier to repeat the basic concepts of several topics with some students and to go deeper in the subject with some others.

Teachers and pupils have lunch together in the school canteen, everyday. The menu is chosen for a correct diet. Everybody helps with tidying up dishes and glasses.

The staff room has colored sofas and a complete kitchen. Everything is meant to give relax to the workers!

The method of the teachers is very relaxing too. Pupils are very polite. When I came back, I told my pupils everything about the project. I described my job-shadowing experience to them and the different educational system. They listened to me and asked some questions; they were very interested.


Now I search for more applications of the studied topics and my pupils appreciate it. I also shared these reflections with my principal in order to highlight the importance of a good organization.

Before the visit, I hoped to enter in the world of this school, so all my expectations were completely fulfilled! Moreover, in Sweden, we found new friends. They were very kind with us so we spent one nice week that I will remember for ever.