M.E. & Dissemination

The  Multiplier Event seminar was held at school on June 23, 2017 .

The participating students and the coordinator presented the project and guest teachers from other schools, teachers of Boggio Lera and parents were present.

The principal of the school Mrs G. Lo Bianco addressed a welcoming speech to the audience and spoke about the relevance of the European Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 projects for the students of our school.

Then, Mr. Antonino De Cristofaro, a teacher of Philosophy, addressed the audience talking about the importance of a European citizenship focusing on the relevance of one’s own cultural  identity shared with other cultures and tracing the historical and philosophical aspects.

All project’s students ended the conference speaking about the critical incidents,  what it meant being cultural “investigators” and cultural “ambassadors”. At last they presented the web game “CulturAll” in a practical way generating great enthusiasm in the audience.

Here you find a short video-clip recorded on that day.