Standing in Line

stand line


Since I’m taking part in an Erasmus + project, I went to Sweden in March and spent a lovely week in the Scandinavian area. We had some outings and trips to different places, and a day, while waiting for the bus to Malmo with about seventy people, I immediately noticed something really strange for me : we had to stand in line between the “barriers”  and everybody was perfectly queuing, one behind each other.  No one tried to overpass the person in front of the other.   It seemed like a Swedish form of art.  This made me reflect.

Why are the Swedish people so good at standing in line?

  1. Because they rehearse for two hours every day.
  2. Because every time the line up orderly, they are rewarded.
  3. Because, since their young age, they learn how to comply to social manners and etiquette.


  1. I think this is not a good answer. Queuing is not and Olympic game.
  2. I also think that this answer cannot be true. If this were real, people would stand in perfect lines, everywhere in the world.
  3. I consider this the right answer.  The Swedes respect any form of social behavior because it makes possible  the well being of everybody.

Further considerations

It was a very reflective moment that day in Dalby. When I was on the bus with all my friends, I started thinking of how easy our life would be, back in our country, if we adopted the same behavior.