The Bathrobe

The first evening I was at my exchange partner’s house I learned about something different from my culture.

I was unpacking my luggage and once I took out my bathrobe from the suitcase, I asked my host friend where I could hang it.  She looked at my robe as if she had never seen one in her life so I told her what it was and why I had it.

In reply she told me that their habit was to use towels for the same purpose I used the bathrobe.

LEARNING POINT:  Modern life can differentiate simple common habits!



  1. Why did my exchange partner behave the way she did?

a-  Stores in Vic don’t sell bathrobes.

b-  My host friend finds it unpractical to dry herself using a bathrobe.

c-  Bathrobes cost more than towels.

  1. What attitude appeared to be important in Catalan society based on my friend’s reaction?

a-  In Catalonia, people are not interested in other cultures’ way of living.

b-  In Catalonia, women don’t use bathrobes.  These are only reserved to men.

c-  In Catalonia, young people consider unpractical to use such items to dry themselves after the shower.