Why aren’t we leaving?

Lory is an Italian girl on an Erasmus exchange program in Vic, Spain.

Her first evening in Vic started with a little delay.  Her exchange partner’s mum came to pick  her and her partner up at school to go home for dinner.  They got into the car and she sat in the back but once inside they didn’t move.

The atmosphere was unusual.  It seemed like everybody was waiting for something to happen.  After two or three minutes during which they looked at each other puzzled, her partner told Lory that they couldn’t start unless she fastened her seat belt.

LEARNING POINT: If you want to avoid any type of embarrassment , just buckle up!


  1. Why did Lory behave the way she did?

a- She didn’t understand what she was told when she got in to the car.

b- Lory didn’t consider the idea of wearing the seat belt.

c- In Italy, cars don’t have seat belts in the back.

2. What attitudes or values appear to be different in Catalan society based on Lory’s exchange partner and family?

a- Catalan families are very strict with children when they teach them rules’ observance.

b- The people of Catalonia are very respectful of the law.

c- People don’t have the money to pay the fines.