Exchange to Sweden


the University of Lund


Our fourth international students’ exchange was in March/April 2017. Initially we were 15 students from different classes of our school who had previously  blended during the preparatory work for the Conference in Catania we had in November 2016 and the 4th step of the project but we had to leave in 14 because Giorgia was not well. Food as culture was the topic we worked on. We chose two  Sicilian traditional recipes to sent to our Swedish friends just as they did for us.  We chatted on Twinspace and other media to guess the cooking methods since we had to cook the dishes and film them for the Cooking competition.  We were fantastic.  The sweet and sour taste of the Swedish quiche was unusual but the chocolate balls were very similar to our “ricci”. You can see our videos on Twinspace.

The day we left  it was a beautiful sunny day but we were prepared to cope with freezing  weather once we arrived in Sweden which took long time. We arrived in central Copenhagen at 12:30am and we were in bed not before 01:30am.  The following day, we met our partners at the station in Dalby. We received a warm welcome and went to our friends houses to meet all the others on Monday morning for our first day activities.

The pictures you are going to see are only souvenir images of the many moments we spent together working, reflecting, writing, cooking and filming the international show during the exchange week.

exchange in sweden