The Sicilian cold

Last week , I hosted a Swedish guy because I’ve   joined a European Erasmus Plus project my school has in action. The exchange week took place between 6 -12  November, when the temperatures here in Sicily start changing, and during the week it was a bit chilly for us locals.  Although that, the exchange students were all dressing only shorts and t-shirts, something that made me freezing when I looked at them.  Why, then, didn’t they wear their jackets and sweaters?


1.  They wanted to show off their good looking figures!

2.  They don’t like to put on woolen clothes. They get itchy!

3.  They live in very cold latitudes, so our chilly weather was a mere trifle!

4.  Their jackets and  warm clothes were taken at the airport.


1.  Well, this sounds a little bit provoking.  All were pretty and pleasant  but our activities did not include a fashion show.

2.  This could be a sensible answer but you should still wear long sleeves in chilly weather.

3.  This appears to be the most credible explanation because in Sweden temperatures get below zero and they are so accustomed to cold temperature that our 16 C degrees was summer for them.

4.  Well, it could happen but it was not their case. So I think this answer is unbelievable.

What did I learn?

I understood that living in a Scandinavian climate strengthens a person’s body.

Gabriele Barbagallo