Exchange to Bulgaria



Plovdiv Old Town – The Regional Ethnographic Museum


The first time I communicated to students the names of the countries that were going to be our partners in the project they were taken aback.  Spain was familiar, some students had already knowledge of the language and the culture but Sweden equaled to a very cold place but interesting to visit while Bulgaria received a long silence.  I expected this sort of reaction.  Students study very little geography these days and forget about the culture.  Anyway, I asked them to  start  reading about the country we were going to visit in some months putting aside all the stereotypes and the prejudice. I told them that observation and the ability to analyze had to become their tools to be able to experience the unusual events or “incidents” with their partners . The girls that eventually left for Bulgaria in January, not only took back good memories but also the awareness that you have to see, think and consider instead of being  judgmental.

Here is a small collection of photos we took while sharing happy moments with our Bulgarian friends!