On the first day of our  students’ international exchange held here in Catania, I was really happy. I knew I was going to meet new people and maybe making new friends.  Then, on our first day, before entering our school, I started introducing myself to everyone.

There was a group of Swedish girls standing in front of the main door and after saying “hi” and my name, I tried to kiss one of them on her cheek, as it was usual for me.  The girl withdrew herself and the others started laughing and making fun of me.

So I thought:

a. was she worried about her make up?

b. was my way of greeting her too warm for her cool heart?

c. was my happiness so great for her to accept?


Well, I really got embarrassed about the laughing for a gesture that I considered very natural in my way of being but after the first critical moments I realized that everyone does it one’s own way.

       ycogRE9Ki Graziana