Shoes or not Shoes?

In November I hosted a Swedish girl because I’m a member of an Erasmus Plus project. Since the first time my partner came into my house, she took her shoes off and walked barefoot.  It was kind of strange for me because my mother always yells at me when I don’t wear mine.

Why do they walk barefoot?                             images

  1. they hate shoes
  2. parents force them to walk without shoes  to spare  them  from wear and tear
  3. they feel more comfortable walking without shoes
  4. they don’t want to bring dirt into their houses


  1. this is impossible. Everyone likes shoes, especially girls.
  2. this is not likely. Sooner or later you have to buy a new pair.
  3. this could be possible but they could wear a pair of slippers as we do.
  4. I think this is the right answer. It’s only a question of hygiene.  You never know what you can step on!!

 What did I learn?

I learned that even a simple thing like wearing or not  wearing your shoes at home can be representative  of a country’s culture and that it is better to know about others’ customs instead of criticizing.